What to Expect When you Visit (FAQ)

kidsWhen I visit for the first time, where do I go?kids
Come to the Auditorium in building 200, and feel free to meet others or just take a seat. If you have children, ask anyone there for assistance and directions for the children’s classes

Where do I take my preschoolers/kids/teenagers?

We have a nursery for infants and very small children and special classes for kids and teenagers. Come into the 200 building and ask for Pastor Larry or a Deacon. Any of these men will be more than happy to help place members of your family.

How is your church service conducted?

On Sunday morning we begin with prayer and scripture reading and then for a short time sing songs of praise. This is followed by our pastor’s teaching which usually follows along a specific subject that he has chosen to teach on for a specific number of weeks. Many of our members take notes during class for reference later.

Wednesday night classes usually open with a short time to praise God as individuals voluntarily share answered prayer and blessings. This time is also used to share any specific prayer requests. Class follows with Pastor Larry’s teaching.

How long does a service last?

Service on Sunday mornings begins at 10:30 and ends around noon. Class time on Wednesday evenings start at 7:00pm and usually end around 8:00pm.

How will I meet the people there and get to know them?

You have but to introduce yourself and let us know. We are a family and welcome you!

How should I dress?

Casually. West Side Bible Church cares about you and your family. We encourage you to wear what you feel most comfortable in and whatever you decide with be just fine with us.

What about security and safety for my family?

West Side’s campus lies inside a securely fenced in area. As an extra measure of security we usually have someone posted on the outside watching the grounds during class times. Some of our members are police officers, which adds additional safety.

Do you have a communion service?

We worship with a Communion service on the first Sunday of each month. No believer is ever excluded from the Communion table and every believer is encouraged to partake of this special service periodically. Local church membership or any other special qualification is never required.

Am I expected to give money to the church?

NO! Nothing is ever expected when it comes to ‘grace giving’. Giving in our church is an expression of worship that commemorates God’s grace. You are not asked to tithe or give a percent of your income.

What if I want to become more involved?

One thing that excites all of us at West Side is seeing a newcomer step forward and say, “Hey is there anything I can do?” If you are led to become more involved in any aspect of our worship and service, you have but to ask! There is always a need for individuals who are willing to lend a helping hand.