Multi Generation Hispanic Family Standing In Park

Multi Generation Hispanic Family Standing In Park

Family Centered

It can become a colossal challenge for those raising children to provide for them materially and emotionally as well as spiritually. “God’s word does not return to him empty” Isaiah 55:11, and one important way…”to provide peace and stability in the family (even a single parent family) gracing parents with wisdom and knowledge” Isaiah 33:2,6 is to spend time studying God’s word and coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way.

With children attending their own classes, parents have the opportunity to enjoy some personal and private time in class praying and learning what the scriptures have to say.

Anyone seeking to gain a more personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is welcome at West Side Bible Church. Without regard for marital status or the details of an individual’s personal past, West Side welcomes all with open arms.


Teaching Ministry

You will often hear a member say they are, “…going to class”. You will hear this because we believe that the local church is God’s classroom and to be utilized to learn Bible principles, worship in reverence and study the mind of God himself.




West Side Bible Church has worshipped and taught God’s word since 1968. When it began our location was on the outer edge of Phoenix, however; growth of the city through the years has now placed us in the center as a welcome island of hope and ministry. During this time we have had only two Senior Pastors, although we have trained and sent out many others.


Member Involvement

An opportunity to serve the Lord is given to all who are interested. Anyone is welcome to actively function within our ministry by exercising their spiritual gifts, that is; by utilizing their God-given talents, whatever they may be. This commitment of member involvement ensures our growth as a church body and strengthens our unity as a whole. We are a church family and every member of our family is valued as such.