bible2[1]It’s All About the Word!

Since 1968, West Side’s ministry has been about the teaching of God’s Word, faithfully, from the original languages. We have found that when Believers are taught the foundations and basics of their faith, they are equipped to handle life’s challanges, serve others, and proclaim the Gospel. Without that foundation, church becomes just another social network – fun, and entertaining, but with only ” a form of Godliness”. Of course there are many other elements to a successful ministry, and you will find them here. But all of them are subordinate to the teaching of “the Word”.

pyramids[1]We teach the Word with a conservative viewpoint, interpreting and applying it’s lessons based on it’s historical, grammitical, literal, and dispensational setting. Don’t let that scare you – it’s just our way of saying we teach it accurately. When we consider a passage of Scripture, we try to understand it’s historical background, we often place it into a category, or subject to more easily view it’s context, andparthenon finally we look at the original language to more fully understand it’s meaning. Remember, the Bible was written mostly in Hebrew and Greek, and many times those languages have words, phrases, and structures that don’t appear in English. So what may be one or two words in Greek may take a whole sentence in English to properly translate.

parthenon[1]Many of the people in a service find it helpful to take notes. An overhead projector is used to help display the material. And the services generally are part of a longer running series with a specific theme. While you may not come out as a seminary graduate, you will, over time, be well grounded and taught in God’s Word.